The Avatea

The prize airship of the Lyrandar fleet. Well, until it was stolen, anyway.


Constructed over a hectic year by decree of The Firstborn, the Avatea embodies all that is airships. It is armed with unique elemental weapons never before implemented, and constructed of the strongest, lightest skywood available in Khorvaire.

The real advantage that the Avatea brings, however, is that it was designed to adapt. The Baroness Isravash d’Lyrandar is a very shrewd leader. She understands well that the peace that is holding right now after the Day of Mourning is a shaky one. For now, it is appropriate for Lyrandar to have a symbol of opulence and elegance. Someday soon, however, it might be necessary for Lyrandar to be a military power to rival that of the Five Kingdoms. Without guarantees in these uncertain times, The Firstborn ordered the Avatea to be specifically constructed to make room for additions and changes.

Indeed, the Avatea that we see today, might look very, very different just a month down the road.

Further making the Avatea the grandest airship ever constructed, is the elemental at its core. The players have yet to uncover any specifics regarding the arcane power at the core of their new home in the skies, but they have heard whispers from the crew. It was clear from the powers-that-be in House Lyrandar that there is something “special” about this elemental.

The Avatea

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