A Mysterious Warforged of Unknown Origin.


Terr first appeared to the party after they successfully managed to open the dragon-marked box they stole from the secret chamber in the Firstborn’s private room at House Lyrandar. Once the box was opened, a runed circle appeared on the ground around it. The box shot into the air, and a bolt of lightning cracked at the center of the circle. When the smoke cleared, Terr was standing in the circle’s center.

Terr offered little in way of explanation, but he did say that there were other “false prophets” who came before our heroes, and that they had to be tested. It was then that he summoned Wind, Sky, and Zephyr. He instructed his three disciples to fight the party and not to hold back. He turned to our heroes and bade them to seek him out at the base of the Ash Beacon, should they survive. Then, Terr disappeared.

There is one point of interest the party was able to glean from their brief introduction to Terr, however: he referred to Eberron by name. As if he were a person, or at the very least, an entity, who Terr knew personally.


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