An Impossibly Hip, Bohemian Minotaur Artist Who Resides in Wroat.


Shell, much like Professor Nephryt, is financially supported by Baron Lusarius von Elandria. Unlike Gydd, however, Shell is an artist.

He became a much sought-after artist by Sharn’s nobility after he gained notoriety for ironically applying canvas to paint, rather than the usual (and infinitely more effective) opposite method. Lusarius gained further ire by his peers by finally being the one to “snare” Shell thus becoming his patron.

Shell soon dropped off the radar of the nobility, however, when he declared irony dead, and moved to Wroat to embrace a more bohemian lifestyle. It has been quite a long time, however, since he has sold any art. That doesn’t really matter, though, as Lusarius is convinced that Shell is his most prized artist in his collection, and makes sure that he is well funded.

Recently, Shell has abandoned his pursuit of art, embracing the irony of having a job a ‘normie’ (Shell’s term for normal citizens) would have and became something of an amateur airship engineer.

Shell’s most prominent (and annoying) quality is how he scoffs at anyone who doesn’t listen to scry-recordings of incredibly obscure bards.


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