Professor Gydd Nephryt

A female half-elf professor at Sharn's prestigious Morgrave University.


Professor Nephryt is a scholar of some renown among the education circles, though relatively unknown to aristocracy. As it is in vogue these days for nobles and wealthy merchants (generally anyone of status) to be the patron of scholars, researchers, and various artisans, Baron Lusarius von Elandria agreed to fund Professor Nephryt’s studies of the ancient Dragon Prophecy. Until recently, the professor had made little headway into uncovering the true origins and meanings of the prophecy. Fortunately for our heroes, however, the professor has just made something of a breakthrough.

Uncovering ancient tomes written in (or around) the year 150YK by the ancient scholar Seminog, the professor was able to improve upon a non-working design for a fabrial that utilizes dragon shards that vibrate at the same frequency as the arcane energies detected surrounding dragon marks. When equipping this device with modern scry-crystal technologies, Professor Nephryt was able to create something that allowed her to “witness” the arrival of our heroes in the world of Eberron.

It is unclear, still, (according to her notes) whether our heroes are the first, or indeed the only, travelers of worlds. Recent evidence would suggest that this might not necessarily be an isolated incident, such as the arrival of Adaka. However, several scholars throughout history have disagreed greatly as to whether the prophecy spoke of four dragon-marked warriors, or five. It should be noted that the scholar Seminog (whose writings on the subject have thusfar proved most useful in Professor Nephryt’s research) was adamant about the prophecy pertaining to five individuals.

Regardless of whether or not Professor Nephryt is able to make any further breakthroughs in her research regarding the Dragon Prophecy, she has made tremendous leaps forward in understanding it with the refinement of her fabrial. Should the scholarly community become aware of her breakthrough, she would almost certainly be catapulted to the spotlight of researchers investigating the Dragon Prophecy. It is likely that neither she nor the Baron Lusarius von Elandria, however, have given that much thought, as it would seem that she has already done enough to accomplish von Elandria’s goal of regaining notoriety among the nobility, and House Lyrandar in particular.

Professor Nephryt, however, likely won’t be satisfied until she has uncovered every mystery regarding the Dragon Prophecy. She seems determined to do this by attacking the problem on two fronts: The first being to continue her research, the second being to keep a close eye on our heroes to see how their fate plays out compared to what has been written on the subject. Regardless, she has already proven herself to be a valuable resource to the adventurers, and will likely continue to do so for some time.

Professor Gydd Nephryt

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