Guard Captain Krylder

Half-Elf Badass


Krylder works for House Lyrandar as the captain of the guard. However, his job description is so much more involved that his title would lead you to believe. Essentially, he leads all of the forces at House Lyrandar’s disposal.

It’s possible that Krylder is engaged in some kind of a romantic relationship with The Firstborn, though nothing substantial has been confirmed.

What is for certain, however, is that our heroes embarrassed him greatly. Krylder prides himself on protecting all of Lyrandar’s interest, and ensuring that their power and reputation continues to grow, as is deserving of such a regal and old House. By stepping into his House and stealing the new Pride of House Lyrandar from under his nose, the players have made themselves a very cunning and unrelenting enemy.

Undoubtedly, they’ve not seen the last of Krylder.

Guard Captain Krylder

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