Captain Stellen Gilliam

Storm-Marked airship captain.


Captain Gilliam has proved himself to be an incredibly valuable airship captain for House Lyrandar. House Lyrandar, traditionally, is comprised of a long line of half-elves. Despite the dual nature of their origins, they are renowned elitists, and look down on half-elves born to both human and elf parents, such as Stellen Gilliam.

It is for this reason that, despite being inarguable the most experience and tested captain in House Lyrandar’s fleet, Captain Gilliam is constantly overlooked for promotion among the ranks. He has never held a post higher than commanding a series of shipping routes. Though these are some of the most dangerous and challenging routes that can be ridden in Eberron, the powers that be in House Lyrandar regard Gilliam’s captainship as an unfortunate necessity, as only those with Marks of Storm are capable of commanding an airship.

It is for this reason that Captain Gilliam has no real loyalty to House Lyrandar.

Captain Stellen Gilliam

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