Captain Coldin

The Most Famous Airship Captain Ever


Captain Coldin is, without question, the most famous airship captain ever to live. Obsessed with his image, and perpetually oblivious to his surroundings, Coldin leaves those who know him well scratching his head as to why and how he made himself so famous.

Regardless, he knows how to fly an airship, that can’t be denied. He just doesn’t know how to do it exceptionally well.

His devoted fans, however, claim that he is hands-down the greatest airship captain Eberron has ever known. Women of all races and all across Khorvaire swoon over his winning smile, and the way he refers to them as “little doves.”

Coldin’s signature catch-phrase (and what he signs on all of his autographs) is “Stick to the Skies!”

Captain Coldin

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