The Oldest Magic

The Oldest Magic - Session 5

House Lyrandar unveils the new flagship of its fleet. Sure would be a shame if *ahem* something were to happen to it.

And so began the party’s attempt at grand larceny and vehicular theft. Our heroes arrived at the gala at House Lyrandar, sufficiently incognito, and began to mingle with the party’s attendants. Save for Palooka, a master at disguise and deception, the party remained out of their element. It wasn’t long before they discovered that the majority of the party guests were obsessed with status and climbing the social ladder. Our heroes were able to capitalize on this and use it to their advantage.

Palooka successfully rid the House Lyrandar Map Gallery of party-goers and stealthily transformed his appearance to that of a House Lyrandar servant and was then allowed passage past the guards, down the staircase, and into the lower level of House Lyrandar.

Drakeheart was the first to (accidentally) capitalize on the fact that some of the guards had noticeably full bladders. Presumably, the hustle and bustle of preparing for the party, as well as the demanding nature of House Lyrandar’s First Born left them with little opportunity throughout the day to relieve themselves. Indeed, very few of the guards at House Lyrandar seem altogether well taken care of. Regardless, Drakeheart’s intimidating physique and imposing manner was enough to startle a pair of guards bladders into activity, and they hurried away to clean themselves up and avoid further embarrassment at such a high-society event.

Lanharath found the evening most difficult. His loyalty to Baron Lusarius von Elandria is well known in House Lyrandar. Though, he was able to deceive a few of the lesser-known nobles in attendance and effectively extract useful information.

Sigil didn’t really do a lot. He did get a good workout, however, running from one side of the party to the other, then running in circles. He might have looked a fool if the nobles paid any attention at all to Warforged.

Korfax tried with all of his moxie, but just couldn’t seem to effectively communicate with any of the guards barring his entrance into the more secured areas of Lyrandar tower. Eventually, Korfax got the drift that the guards seemed less than receptive to socializing and doing favors for nobles. It seems that their lack of care by the nobles of House Lyrandar (leading several of the guards wanting entertainment, food, drink, or a bathroom break) has left them jaded and bitter.

Notable party members in attendance were Gulldiar (human), a representative from House Orien, a warforged representative from House Cannith (nobody caught his name), the First Born of House Lyrandar herself, and, arguably the most notable, Captain Coldin. Captain Coldin is the most respected and highest ranking officer in House Lyrandar’s fleet, and he has been named commander of Lyrandar’s new flagship, The Avatea, whose christening this gala is celebrating.


Drakeheart stands in the corner as a Noble Woman scurries over to a guard posted by the entrance to the great hall. He had recently had a lengthy and awkward conversation with her, convincing her that the guard wanted to know if she were available for courtship.

‘Si tepoha xkhat zaja di nomeno’. I’ll never understand these nobles. Running around in attire that are little more than glorified pajamas. Obsessed with status and appearance, lacking any honor. Speaking with them is exhausting and my patience is growing thin.

He sees a man in elaborate apparel surrounded by an entourage head towards the SE exit of the main hall. The man is Captain Coldin and has recently finishing giving a self-assuring speech to the nobles. Drakeheart shakes of the distractions of the party and becomes alert.

Another slave to nobility. I need to get downstairs to meet with our contact, and maybe get some information from that fool.

Drakeheart scans the room, noticing his fellow partners in crime manipulating the party to fit the desired outcome of the mission. He sees a guard posted at the exit where the captain too leave, looking rather uncomfortable and nervous. Drakeheart approaches him.

Drakeheart: Excuse me, I saw that the captain go through here. I have urgent business with him before he sets sail on The Avatea."

Guard: “I-I’m sorry but no one is allowed to pass through here without proper…”

I don’t have time for this.

Drakeheart: Listen! You do your job and I’ll do mine! Understand!?

Guard: Ahhhh, um ok sorry! I-I should go for now!.

The guard runs off down the hallway and disappears.

‘Vethisvaerx Bahamut!’ I never thought I’d miss the military so much…

The Oldest Magic - Session 5

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