The Oldest Magic

The Oldest Magic - Session 10

The party left the Avatea parked just inside the cover of the King’s Forest. Drakeheart used his Dragon mark to summon a pack of phantom steeds for the party to ride the short journey into the city of Wroat. Knowing only that they were to meet Lusarius and the rest of their contacts at “Shell’s place,” they went on a journey through the city, asking anyone they could find if they knew where Shell might be found. Unfortunately, due to the insular nature of the Art District, they were unable to find anyone who could help them. Not knowing that Shell was in the Art District, Palooka speculated that, knowing Lusarius, they would be located in the upper-class section of the city. A guard informed them that they upper class section of the city was the Galifar District, so the party decided to head North across the Howling Bridge and into the Galifar District.

After crossing the Howling Bridge and entering the Galifar District, the group decided to try to use the scry crystal they were given to communicate with Lusarius to call and ask for directions. After a short (but frustrating) conversation with Lusarius von Elandria, the party began speaking to Killivash, the Kalashtar who Lusarius found to “replace” Lanharath as his personal aid and servant. Killivash berated Lanharath for ever leaving Lusarius’ side, but then told them that Shell could be found in the Art District. Annoyed that they had already passed through the Art District on their way to their current location, the party turned around and began to head back across the Howling Bridge.

Just then, Sigil heard the familiar voice of Captain Coldin encouraging a group of his adoring fans. The party froze and searched the crowd. They caught sight of Coldin standing with Guard Captain Krylder. Krylder seemed very angry and annoyed with Coldin, talking about how they wanted to find the party. Our heroes decided to try to sneak past Krylder and Coldin, but Krylder’s keen eye spotted Korfax in the crowd.

Knowing they were spotted, the party began a mad dash through the city streets, knocking over food barrels, and pushing through the busy crowds to make their way back into the Art District. Krylder pursued them relentlessly, but Sigil was able to summon a wild pack of vines that sprung forth from the ground and enclosed the gate between the Art District and the Howling Bridge, with Krylder trapped on the other side. As the party ran from his view, he cursed at them, vowing to find them.

After unsuccessfully asking citizens inside the Art District for help, the party managed to stumble upon Shell’s House of Counterculture. After meeting Shell, the party had a brief conversation with Adaka and Lusarius. Lusarius seemed incredibly frustrated when he couldn’t get Lanharath to obey his commands, so he and Killivash left to do some shopping. The party then met with Professor Gydd Nephryt and caught her up on all of the strange events that happened to them.

The professor found the tale of Terr the Warforged most interesting, and told them of one legend that spoke of a lieutenant of Eberron’s by the name of Terra. It was said that Terra was a Golem; the first of his kind. The stone this Golem was made of was said to shine with a mirror-like luster. Nephryt speculated that perhaps this legend in fact spoke of the Warforged called Terr, but nothing can be known for sure.

Professor Nephryt then told them about the Echoes of Prophecy that her fabrial was able to detect, and they determined that one of them had been traveling along with the party! Pulling out the wooden box that had previously summoned Terr, they opened it up and discovered a piece of parchment with an enchanted rune written on it. They speculated that this rune could be a piece of the name of their world, but it was written in no known language. Sudden, the rune shot from its piece of parchment and into Sigil’s chest, further awakening his Dragon Mark and blessing him with previously unknown abilities. Knowing that there was another Echo of Prophecy somewhere in Wroat, Gydd Nephryt promised to work with her fabrial through the night to try to pinpoint its exact location.

As the party slept, something woke Drakeheart from his sleep. Investigating further, he encountered four Changeling Assassins who seemed to be members of the Cult of Khyber. Lanharath’s alarm sounded, and the party leapt from their beds and quickly dispatched the would-be assassins.

After the commotion died down, Professor Nephryt ran into the room, confused and horrified by the site of blood and death before her. After calming down, she informed the party that she found the location of the other piece of the name of their world: the lightning rail station in Wroat.


The character, Shell, was genius on your part :D

The Oldest Magic - Session 10

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