The Oldest Magic

The Oldest Magic - Session 1

A Dark Warlock is terrorizing a town. It'll take a band of heroes of incredible renown to bring him to his knees.

Four adventurers, a human cleric named Korfax, a dragonborn warlord named Drakeheart, a warforged warden named Sigil, and a changeling rogue named Palooka make their way to the backwater town of Rickliann. Having already made a name for themselves by saving the town of Winterhaven from unspeakable evil at the Keep on the Shadowfell, returning Princess Salandrielle to her worried father after the Dark Riders of Illisaur stole her in the night, and having yet to meet a town drunk capable of besting any of them in a rowdy game of Tankard Toss, these adventurers were greeted by the locals of Rickliann with much anticipation and furor.

Soon, they were rushed to meet with the town’s magistrate, an old man who recently lost his son to the evil machinations of a dark warlock by the name of Darkriel Gore’lem, WARLOCK MEDIOCRE! The magistrate prostrated himself before our heroes, and bade them to help the town rid them of the evil that has been terrorizing them for so long. He offered them money, crops, and land; all of which he had little to spare. Our heroes lived up to their growing legend and agreed to help the town for naught but a stay at the inn and a hearty meal to lift their spirits.

After a night of raucous drinking and merry-making, the adventurers made their way to the dark warlocks tower, and fought their way through dire rats, bugbears, and goblins alike to finally face down the warlock’s goblin lieutenant. The lieutenant proved to be little challenge for our heroes, who pried the master’s key from his dead fingers, and climbed the final set of stairs to face the tower’s dark lord.

Once confronted by the vile warlock, Darkriel Gore’lem, WARLOCK MEDIOCRE!, a furious battle ensued. It appeared that our heroes had gained the upper hand, when Darkriel Gore’lem, WARLOCK MEDIOCRE!, began using his arcane abilities to manipulate light and shadow to hide and claim an advantage. In the end, however, our heroes proved too much for the warlock and the town of Rickliann was rid of a terrible blight. With his defeat, however, the four adventurers apparently interrupted a mysterious star-pact ritual the warlock was performing with dire consequences. Before any could act, arcane energies unleashed in a blinding fury, and our heroes were trapped in a swirling vortex of raw, unnatural power.

Traveling across lightyears of space in the blink of an eye, the raging torrent of energy and light ceased in an instant, and our heroes thumped dully onto a wooden floor of a dark room. Lighting a torch, they were able to see that they were in what appeared to be a storage room of a ship, surrounded by sacks of foodstuffs and other various supplies. Improvising a key, Korfax blasted the locked door off its hinges, and the adventurers confirmed that they were indeed on a ship, though the seas seemed remarkably calm, as the ship lacked the tell-tale sway of a ship traveling across water.

Making their way on deck, they met a kindly deckhand named MacGavin who seemed confused how they were able to stow away on board the ship, but ultimately nonplussed as he was distracted by busily preparing the ship to dock in what he pointed to and called Sharn. It was then that our heroes glanced over the rail and saw before them an unbelievable site: a soaring city of towers, reaching high into the heavens. Our heroes had never seen such a glorious spectacle before, and surely it would have held their attention and imagination for much longer, but it was now that they realized that their ship was not traveling by sea, as they had expected, but that it was sailing through the sky.



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